What Is Vertigo?

It’s common to experience dizziness after certain situations, but vertigo is a specific type of dizziness. Each person experiences vertigo in a slightly different way, but you may feel like the world around you is moving. If you’re experiencing vertigo, you may have an issue with your inner ear. Dr. Andrew Senchak at Texas Ear and Vestibular Institute in McKinney, TX, can explain what vertigo is and how it can be treated.

Dealing With Vertigo

Vertigo can make you feel like the world around you is spinning. This can make you feel lightheaded, unsteady, dizzy, or like you are floating. Vertigo can affect your life if the sensation happens often, and you might find yourself struggling to perform normal tasks. Vertigo can occur from standing up too quickly, moving your head quickly, or if you have poor circulation.

Our otolaryngologist in McKinney, TX, can help diagnose your vertigo through tests and monitoring your symptoms. Vertigo occurs when there’s a problem in the inner ear and the sense of balance and equilibrium is thrown off within your body. Vertigo can also become a problem if you aren’t drinking enough fluids, you’re stressed, or you’re dealing with an ear infection.

A vertigo attack usually only lasts a few seconds but can affect you for longer by making it difficult to focus after an attack. If vertigo is severe, it can last much longer, and you may have symptoms for days. Your doctor will figure out the best treatment plan for you and help you regain balance and functionality.

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