What Is Vestibular Disorder?
By Texas Ear and Vestibular Institute
February 24, 2020
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Feeling dizzy for a while after an intense roller coaster ride is normal; reading in a moving vehicle may cause you to feel nauseated. These uncomfortable feelings are temporary, but for people with a vestibular disorder, they last for days or weeks. Fortunately, the staff at Texas Ear and Vestibular Institute - Dr. Andrew Senchak and Dr. Margo Stewart - in McKinney, TX, are highly trained in diagnosing and treating the dizziness and nausea associated with vestibular disorders. Read on to learn more.

What is vestibular disorder?

Your ears are a small part of your body, but they are made up of a vast network of bone, cartilage, and blood vessels that not only control your hearing, but your sense of balance as well. The fluid inside the ear canal provides signals to the brain upon movement, which then adjusts for both subtle and quick activity. Disruption to the way your vestibular system functions causes uncomfortable symptoms that your ENT will discuss in the next section.

What are the symptoms of vestibular disorder?

People with vestibular disorder often seek medical attention from their ENT after a period of time in which they feel dizzy, off-balance, or disoriented. Some of our patients at the Texas Ear and Vestibular Institute in McKinney also report feeling nauseated or being unable to walk properly. These symptoms can have a negative effect on your entire life; driving, sleeping, and interacting with other people can be a challenge to those with vestibular disorder.

What causes vestibular disorder?

Pinning down the cause of vestibular disorder can be complicated. An untreated ear infection can lead to dizziness and balance problems. Tiny calcium deposits in the ear canal is another common cause. Certain medications may produce side effects that cause vestibular disorder, and those who have had a traumatic brain injury may have lasting effects on their vestibular system. Discussing your medical history with your ENT will help determine what's causing your vestibular disorder.

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