What Can My ENT Do About My Dizziness?

How your ENT specialists in McKinney, and Allen, TX, can help you get relief from dizziness

If you suffer from episodes of dizziness, it can dramatically impact your life. You may be afraid to drive, play a sport, and just enjoy your active life. Your ENT specialist can help if you suffer from dizziness.

Drs. Andrew Senchak, Joshua Caldwell, and Ann McRae at Texas Ear and Vestibular Institute in McKinney, TX, provide a wide range of ENT services, including treatment for dizziness. They proudly serve residents of McKinney, and Allen, TX, and they can help you too.

Chronic dizziness is also known as vertigo. It’s caused by your eyes, inner ear, and sensory nerves not properly working together to help you maintain your balance. Your brain doesn’t receive the correct signals from these three elements, causing you to experience a spinning sensation.

There are several factors that can cause vertigo, including:

  • Having chronic migraine headaches
  • Quickly move your head
  • A viral infection affecting your vestibular nerve
  • Meniere’s disease, causes a large amount of fluid to build up in your inner ear

Your ENT specialist is an expert at the diagnosis and treatment of vertigo, and may recommend:

Medication therapy, including antihistamines, anticholinergics, anti-nausea medications, migraine medications, and anti-anxiety medications

Postural and physical therapy, the goal of which is to learn and maintain correct head positioning, posture, and balance

Severe vertigo may require additional treatment in the form of surgery. During surgery, antibiotics are inserted inside your inner ear. These antibiotics disable the balance function in your ear, causing your other ear to compensate and maintain your balance.

You don’t have to let dizziness and vertigo disrupt your life when relief is just a phone call away!

To learn more about the treatment of dizziness, call Drs. Andrew Senchak, Joshua Caldwell, and Ann McRae at Texas Ear and Vestibular Institute in McKinney, TX, serving residents of McKinney, and Allen areas. You can reach them in the office by calling (469) 678-2211, so call now.

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