Do you have questions about your ear, nose, or throat health? Here at Texas Ear and Vestibular Institute, our otolaryngologist Dr. Andrew Senchak and audiologists Dr. Joshua Caldwell and Dr. Ann McRae want to provide patients living in and around McKinney, TX, with the answers they need to make more informed decisions regarding their health.

What is an otolaryngologist?

An otolaryngologist also referred to as an ENT doctor, is a doctor that specializes in the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of conditions, injuries, and diseases that impact the ears, nose, and throat, as well as the head and neck. Here at Texas Ear and Vestibular Institute, we treat patients of all ages from kids to seniors. We also treat everything from your child’s ear infections to your aging parent’s hearing loss.

Why does my child keep getting ear infections?

Most children under the age of 3 are at an increased risk for ear infections. In fact, it’s normal for kids under 3 years old to have one or two infections a year. This is because a child’s eustachian tube is shorter than an adult’s and still developing, so it’s more likely to swell or cause issues. While most ear infections are viral, some are due to bacteria. If your child is dealing with recurring or frequent ear infections it’s a good idea to bring them in for an evaluation.

I’m having trouble breathing fully through my nose. What’s going on?

Whether you’re having trouble getting a full, clear breath out of a nostril or you are a mouth breather, it’s important to find out why you’re having trouble breathing through your nose. There are many reasons, ranging from an acute sinus infection to a deviated septum or nasal polyps. If you’re having trouble breathing, our ENT team can figure out what’s going on and how to best treat it.

What are the signs of hearing loss?

Hearing loss is often subtle, gradually getting worse over time. Sometimes you may not even realize that you have some degree of hearing loss. Since it’s important to get a hearing aid as soon as possible to improve your hearing, it’s a good idea to turn to our team for an evaluation if you are noticing any of these signs of hearing loss:

  • You have to turn the volume all the way up on your TV or the radio
  • You have trouble understanding people on the phone
  • You ask people to repeat themselves often
  • You have trouble understanding people in noisy environments like a crowded restaurant
  • You don’t hear certain noises like a timer going off or the doorbell
  • You have trouble understanding women and children

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